Jay Cooper, 19 years old, Sydney Australia.  Musician & producer, illustrator, creator.

Collaborator, fan, friend, enjoyer of music, culture, thriving creativity.  Keeping imagination and self-expression alive.

Performance, let me express myself to you.
Writing & production, let’s make beautiful and innovative music together.
Illustration & graphic design, let’s create visuals that’ll make you want to stroke your screen or hang them up on your bedroom wall.
Creative consulting, let’s realise your ideas and materialise them.
Internet friendship, let’s get together and share our work and interests.

Professionally, I’ve done writing, recording and production on memorable and forward-thinking music, composition & sound design for TV and screen, comics and printing, posters, stickers, but don’t let that limit the way we work together.

Let’s break new ground: let’s design websites, launch events, make gaming consoles, and create beautiful work that’s ready to rain down on the earth and the internet landscape like confetti.  We did it.

Talk to me:  Jay@JaysWaysMusic.com


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