Electric bass performed by @jacquesemery (jacques emery)


~! ▾ Thank you Thump / Vice for the premiere:

“With a production style that drips elegance, sex, and transfixes you into a dreamlike state, it’s hard to believe that Jay Cooper, the creative force behind experimental electronic dance project JaysWays is fresh out of high school. His latest release ‘Hologlyphs’ is the third taste off his upcoming debut LP SENTRIENT, and sitting alongside the likes of inc. and Jai Paul in terms of aural texture.”

– Thump / Vice

“An incredibly transcendent document taken straight from the ether sees Sydney producer JaysWays induce virtual reality with ‘Hologlyphs’. A modest concoction indulges in the discreet rustle of bells, audible pants and cosmic synth layering, all glistening over the piercing beats and hypnotic vocals beautifully”

– Purple Sneakers


Download singles: jaysways.bandcamp.com/album/spectre-hologlyphs



“The now 18 year-old producer has provided glimpses of his raw talent over the past few years … With this single though, titled Snapped Wires \\ Rest Assured, we see a much more mature and level side to his style. First hearing this dude when he was 16 I wondered what sort of thing we’d be hearing from him in a couple of years’ time. Now it seems like we won’t have to wait much longer.”

– The Interns

“A glittery, celestial jewel. Starts off like a warped club track, then transforms into a emotional electronic blossom with those vocals.”

– Linda Marigliano, Triple J

“The breakdown a couple of minutes into the song really brings this track into focus. Clever stuff.”

– Richard Kingsmill, Triple J


Download single:  https://jaysways.bandcamp.com/track/snapped-wires-rest-assured


~! ▾

Featuring 18 year old Baltimore rapper Apollo – @apollorenegade


Part of what makes him compelling is the natural tie that binds, a deep, expressive voice. He sounds perfectly suited for Australian producer JaysWays’ skittering, dense production on standout song “Spectre.” His rapping is a reminder of one of the biggest takeaways from Ghost Writergate: It’s not only what is said, but how it’s said.

– Pigeons And Planes


Download singles: jaysways.bandcamp.com/album/spectre-hologlyphs